Keana Calzada

Front Desk | Staff
Keana Calzada


How have you seen CrossFit making an impact on our members’ lives:
As a staff member at Social Garden CrossFit I can definitely see how CrossFit can make an impact on someone’s life. Here at Social Garden CrossFit, I can see how much people change from when they first start to within a couple weeks. For example, I see some members start off shy and they don’t do some of the workouts because they feel like they are embarrassed or people may be judging them. However, after attending CrossFit for a couple weeks, they soon realize how much of a supportive community Social Garden CrossFit really is. I can see the members slowly start getting out of their comfort zone and it gives them the confidence to try new things.

Additionally, attending CrossFit makes  you realize how much your body is getting stronger. I see the determination in members everyday by challenging themselves and seeing what their body can do, that is what pushes them to keep going. Having said that, CrossFit can make a big impact on your emotional well being as well. When you experience a sense of accomplishment and finishing the WOD, it really helps bring up your mood and is a great stress reliever.  Seeing all the members at Social Garden CrossFit is a very powerful experience and I am happy to be a part of and witness.

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