CrossFit Foundations

Your CrossFit Journey begins Here

Begin your journey with us here and learn the 9 foundational movements that will give you a solid foundation to continue learning and furthering your CrossFit knowledge.  Throughout your 3 day on-boarding, you’ll sit down with our Head Coach and review several things about CrossFit, you and your goals, talk nutrition and go over why you’ve decided to embark on your CrossFit Journey.  As you learn the 9 Foundational movements, you will also learn proper scaling and modifications, what intensity means as it relates to you and apply your knowledge in an end of class short workout.  When it is all said and done, you will be feeling more confident about yourself, you will have met the coaching and staff team, completed 3 CrossFit workouts in your 3 days of class and will have learned the intensity level you should reach with any modifications as needed.  Lastly, you will have graduated and completed one of many goals in your new CrossFit journey and will be ready to begin group classes with the rest of our CrossFit Community that went through the same steps as you!  CrossFit is for everyone.  The program is infinitely scalable to anyone, at any fitness level, at any age!  Join today.