Diana Lozano

Operations Intern
Diana Lozano


What does CrossFit mean to you?
Crossfit to me means physical and mental challenge, because It is a constant Confrontation with myself in every workout.
It has proofed to me that in Order to reach my athletic or any type of goals I have to be disciplined and consistent. CrossFit gives me the opportunity to meet and be part of a community that supports me inside and outside the box whether it is to push me during a workout or to celebrate my birthday. CrossFit has reassured me that there is always room for improvement, and there is always something new to learn.

Why did you chose to coach at Social Garden?
I was inspired as a member by the way Coach JV always pushed every member to give it 110% everyday in every workout.

⁠Understanding the feeling of accomplishment of others is gratifying as a member and as a coach.

⁠The support I received from the Social Garden community throughout my journey to be a coach has been heartwarming, and has kept me motivated to learn from and for them.

What movement do you not want to see in the Open?
The movement I don’t want to see in the Open is long distance running. Anything over 400 meters 

Favorite WOD:
Dallas 5

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