Frank Medrano

"What's Your Why?"

Frank Medrano
Frank Medrano

Frank joined our CrossFit Family on March 24th,2022.  Immediately I saw hunger in his eyes and shortly thereafter he demonstrated great work ethic and dedication throughout his time at the box.  As we talked, he expressed how he wanted to get back into shape.  One conversation, led to another and eventually, like most conversations, ended up reviewing nutrition.  I invited Frank to try our 21 Day Challenge, he accepted, he completed and the rest is pretty much history.  Frank culminated all his hard work, discipline and dedication at our very own CrossFit Licensed Event, the Social Competition 2022 by taking first place in his individual division (pictured above)!  Frank made his family, friends and his CrossFit Family very proud!  Read on to learn more and listen in to his Video Testimonial. Below are Frank’s input on 3 major questions that everyone may have when it comes to change, nutrition and life:

What impact did the nutritional challenge have on your life, inside and outside of the box?

“Inside the box, I had a lot more energy, felt stronger and more able to push myself either in lifting or cardio. Outside the gym, I basically changed my eating habits and lifestyle. Didn’t have a lethargic feeling after meals because I was eating clean or feel bloated or anything. Just felt better overall.”

How did your CrossFit Community help and support your journey along the way?

“The nutritional challenge is not easy. Takes discipline, consistency and focus. And after a while, a coke, pizza, candy, chips all seem easy to indulge on. But we had our group message to keep each other accountable and to not give in to temptation. I would have plenty of times if not for the support from coach and the others. The biggest help was knowing that everyone was going through it with you. We are all “suffering”, but it’s for a greater purpose and we must continue to strive and reach our goals.”

Has it become a permanent part of your lifestyle now and if so, was the transition difficult?

“It has become a permanent change in my lifestyle for the most part. I throw in a cheat day here and there to keep sane, and I do feel guilty afterwards if I overindulge and eat too much. Coming off of the challenge, it wasn’t difficult at all to continue with eating healthy, eating when hungry, and only eating until you’re full. I would say the most difficult part is meal prepping, cooking and cleaning, but if you are able to time manage it all, it is a simple lifestyle transition.”

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