Belinda Alfaro

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Belinda Alfaro


What does CrossFit mean to you:
CrossFit means family to me . Health, unity, and community .  All classes have such a family-like bond that distributes such a warm inviting welcome.  I’ve witnessed and experienced both the competitiveness and the encouraging side of all the classes, that working out at 5am, 9am, noon, 5:30pm, or 7pm makes you feel motivated when entering the class and stepping up to the white board.  I’d also like to add I’ve seen the community support one another during their own personal life ups and downs and that to me that is Family (CrossFit Family).  This all comes from the coaches , being there during every opportunity to support the members.  

How have you seen CrossFit making an impact on our members’ lives:
Making health and fitness fun for all ages including our Kids CrossFit.  I’ve noticed how the kids enjoy the fun warm ups and the fun downs but what really stood out to me was about a week ago the kids were working on their back squats and deadlifts, during the workout the kids showed their extreme excitement and high interest while doing what the adult CrossFit class were doing.  Seeing them fist pump and yell out their final weight was an amazing moment I witnessed.

What movement you don’t want to see in the CrossFit Open this year and why?
I do not want to see burpees in the CrossFit open because they totally kill me after 10 in a row, although they are one of my many weaknesses. I sometimes have no choice but to do them at my pace if they are part of the WOD. I hate burpees so much, you’ll never catch me late for a class.

Favorite Workout:
I don’t have a favorite WOD but I do like kettlebell swings both American and Russian. It doesn’t matter. I like both because I like the way the soreness hits you later that day into the next day.  Kettlebell swings feel much like sit-ups but just in a stance with weight. I hope you like them too.

My hubby made a wonderful dream come true and his passion and drive for CrossFit made such an amazing atmosphere for everyone who comes through that door! I know they will  have an amazing CrossFit experience. So yes, CrossFit for me means a whole lot more❤️

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